Each college has a JCR (except Graduate College which has a Postgrad Board). This is the Junior Common Room and it basically means each and every member of the college, ultimately YOU! The JCR is represented by the JCR Exec who are an elected body of students who organise events and look after the welfare of its students.

Here at Fylde, the student voice is of the highest importance. That is why the JCR Exec will represent the college in the best way they can at all times!

Harvey Messenger President


Hi I’m Harvey, your Fylde JCR president! My role involves ensuring the JCR is run smoothly and that fresh, creative ideas are being generated. I also represent the college in LUSU where I voice the opinions of Fylde members.

Tom Hetherton Chair & democracy


Hi! I’m Tom, Fylde’s Chair and Democracy Officer. I’m in charge of running all JCR meetings including our AGM, and organise the elections to the Exec. As Fylde’s treasurer I also manage the College’s finances and produce the budget. Another important component of my role is to ensure compliance with Fylde and LUSU’s By-Laws.

Khadeejah Ashraf VP Welfare


Hi, I’m Khadeejah and I am Fylde’s VP Welfare Officer. Part of my role is to help you settle in to university life and guide you to the right support if you have any problems. I want to make sure everybody has a great time in Fylde so please don’t hesitate to contact me if there are any issues!

Erin Scott Welfare Officer


Hello, I’m Erin and I’m one of your Welfare Officers, I will be involved in welfare events we run within the college throughout the year. I hope to ensure that all Fylde students know that if they need help or just someone to talk to then I’m here for them so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Elizabeth Whelan Welfare Officer


Hi everyone I’m Elizabeth and a Welfare Officer on the JCR! My role along with Erin is essentially to ensure that the happiness of the students is kept to a high standard and that you’re all enjoying life in Fylde! If you have any concern or issue feel free to email me.

Anushk Farkiya International Officer


Hello everyone! I’m your international officer and I am here to make sure Fylde remains the best college and to run fun international based events. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or want to talk about anything else!

Nicholas Habash Vice President Socials


Hi I’m Nick and I’m your VP Socials Officer, I lead the socials team and help plan everything event wise in Fylde! As well as Extrav, we make sure Fylde has the best socials all year round.

Matt Robinson Social and Events Officer


Hi, I’m Matty! As a part of our friendly socials team with Hadyn, I arrange events and socials to make your university experience as diverse and interesting as possible. I’m trying to make sure that people with different cultural backgrounds and interests enjoy being part of Fylde College and can find events to attend. If you have any ideas about events in college, I’m always happy to hear from you and figure out the best way of doing it together!

Hadyn Main Social and Events Officer


Hi I’m Haydn and along with Matty I’m one of your new Socials and Events Officers. I help organise all events run by Fylde College and can’t wait to get started!! If you have any social ideas then please let us know.

Holly Laing Sports Officer


Hey! I’m Holly and I am one half of your Sports Officer duo this year alongside Matt. I am in charge of ensuring Fylde maintains its winning streak through the many sports events taking place this year as well as organising events like Legends. I want to encourage everyone to get involved in sport this year whether that’s Carter Shield, college or university teams, there’s something for everyone at Lancaster.

Matt Barrow Sports Officer


Hi, I’m Matt and I’m the other half of the JCR’s Sports Officers with Holly. My role is to overlook college sports and organise events such as Legends and the Carter Shield. Here in Fylde we have a rich tradition of being the sporting college and we are looking to maintaining that again this year by working closely with sports teams and encouraging participation across Fylde in order to have another fantastic year full of Fylde victories.

Islay Grant Communications


Hi, I am Islay and I am your new Communications Officer – I am responsible for everything social media. I hope to make sure that everyone in the college knows about everything that is going on; from socials, to education and employability events as well as welfare information. If you have any ways in which you think I can make it more engaging for you, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sara D'angelo Publicity


Hey Fylde, I’m Sara – your Publicity Officer! Look out for Fylde’s upcoming events and socials via Facebook and posters around campus.



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