Freshers 2017

We are looking forward to welcoming our new Fylde students on Saturday 30th September.

Principal’s Welcome

Jean Bennett

Jean Bennett






A very warm welcome to Fylde College. We are looking forward to you joining the Fylde family in October at the start of your University career at Lancaster. Fylde was established in 1969 and is located centrally on main campus so that no where is far away. We have welcomed students from all around the world since that time and we are proud of the diversity of cultural experience that this brings to the college.

Our Colleges at Lancaster provide a sense of community and belonging where we aim to nurture a spirit of getting involved in all aspects of student life. You will find many opportunities within the college whether it is taking part in sport, intercollegiate competitions, volunteering or becoming part of our management team. We will encourage you to embrace these experiences, your academic timetable permitting, of course!

When you arrive you will start to make friendships that may well endure for the rest of your life, you will share experiences and the ups and downs of University life.

Friendliness, approachability and support is what Fylde is all about and so you will always be welcome to come to the College Offices, the JCR Office or the Porter’s Lodge for a chat. No problem is too small and our staff team of College Advisors provide a confidential means of helping you if you feel that you need any specific assistance.

I wish you success and fulfilment in your degree course and a wonderful time with Fylde College.

With best wishes,

Jean Bennett, Fylde Principal

JCR President’s Welcome

Harvey Messenger

Hello and welcome to Fylde College! You will soon be a member of Fylde College Junior Common Room and we hope that you thoroughly enjoy your time here.

I am the President of the JCR Exec Committee where it is part of my role to help ensure that you have the best time whilst here at university. Fylde is a place for absolutely everyone whether you are academic, sporty, artsy, an international or a Lancashire local. I hope you enjoy your time in Fylde as much as I have. But just remember you’ve got to make the most of it, it goes so quickly and you don’t want to be looking back full of regrets! Get involved!!

Here are the essential links to get you in the college spirit and link you up with your fellow students and all things Fylde Freshers!

Make sure you add yourself to our Facebook Fylde Freshers Forum AND like our Fylde Facebook Page which will keep you informed for everything going on in Fylde’s Freshers!

We are looking forward to meeting you at the end of September

See you out there!

Harvey Messenger, JCR President

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