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    • Look After Your Mate Course

      January 13, 2017
      March 17, 2017

      Look After Your Mate’ Training Calling all students…. We know most students talk to their friends when having a tough time.  We can talk...   Read More

    • Sustainability Challenge

      January 16, 2017
      February 2, 2017

      All colleges are invited to enter a team for the Sustainability Challenge to be run this term. Not only will you help Lancaster University...   Read More

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    Fylde College shared Lancaster University Students' Union (LUSU)'s photo. ...

    We have been made aware of a scam event being shared across Facebook encouraging students to sign up to a fake puppy petting event. This event and the page it is hosted by are in no way linked to Lancaster University or Lancaster University Students' Union (LUSU)

    The event and sign up is being used to capture student’s personal information. The form being used to capture student's personal information is hosted by Google and can also be reported using a link at the bottom of the form. You can also report the Facebook page and event as a scam.

    We encourage everyone to remain vigilant and question the source and validity of events like these that hint at being linked to the University or Union. If in doubt, check the official University or Union Facebook Page for confirmed official student events or feel free to contact the Union on help@lusu.co.uk. Please share this information to prevent the event spreading further.

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    Name: Elizabeth Whelan
    Position: Welfare Officer
    Degree: Psychology
    Year: 1
    Fact: When I was little I used to fake feeling sick every Friday afternoon at school (I have no idea why) but they realised what I was doing so they used to just sit me in a computer room until "I felt better"

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    Name: Erin Scott
    Position: Welfare Officer
    Degree: History
    Year: 2
    Fact: I once served Prince Charles a cup of tea

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